Willcox Wine Country

Welcome to Willcox Wine Country!

Have you discovered the wines of Willcox Wine Country? Come out and visit our wine tasting rooms where you will find world class wine, grown and produced right here in southeast Arizona.  The many Willcox wineries and wine tasting rooms are only about a one hour drive from Tucson! Did you know? This area grows more than 75% of Arizona's wine grapes. It is also the source of the most highly rated Arizona wines by Wine Spectator, with 45 wines rated 88-90 over the past 5 years. If you haven't yet come out to explore Willcox Wine Country, it's always a good time to discover what we have to offer! If you are already familiar, then maybe it's time for another visit to see what's new. There is always a freshly released wine getting poured somewhere! We hope to see you soon. 

Willcox Wine Country 

Willcox Wine Festivals

We put on two wine festivals each year. The first in the spring, during the third weekend of May and the second in October, during the third weekend of October. Our festival was rated by Fodor's Travel as one of the top-ten wine festivals in North America! Each festival is a weekend-long celebration featuring Arizona wines from the Willcox region, fantastic live music, and scrumptious food.

Willcox Wine Country Festivals

Willcox Wine Country MapVisitors and Locals at the Wine FestivalWine Festival Overlook

Man pouring a local Pinot Grigio into a glass during the Wine Festival