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Q: Where is Willcox, Arizona?

A: Willcox is in the southeast corner of Arizona, about one hour east of Tucson, one hour from the New Mexico border, and ninety minutes from the Mexican border. Phoenix is less than three hours away, and El Paso is about four hours away.

Q: What is there to do when I visit Willcox?

A: So much! Willcox, Arizona has a mild climate and is surrounded by mountains and beautiful open spaces.

  • Hiking in Willcox, Arizona: Locals love to hike and camp in the Chiricahuas, the Grahams, the Dragoons, and many other beautiful places.
  • Wine in Willcox, Arizona: Many wine makers are moving to Willcox, leading to a burgeoning wine industry with two major festivals and dozens of tasting rooms.
  • History in Willcox, Arizona: Discover museums in our historic downtown, visit the grave site of Warren Earp at the Old Pioneer Cemetery, and explore Faraway Ranch in Chiricahua National Monument or Fort Bowie
  • Festivals in Willcox, Arizona: There are three other major festivals throughout the year as well: Rex Allen Days, Willcox West Fest, and Wings Over Willcox, which takes place in January during the height of the Sandhill Crane season.
  • Races and outdoor events in Willcox, Arizona: Because of our mild climate, the Willcox region is excellent for trail running and biking. Our most popular races are the Willcox Flyer Bike Ride, the Boulderdash 13k/30k, and the Amerind Texas Canyon Trail Run.
  • Rock climbing near Willcox, Arizona: Cochise Stronghold is a popular and highly rated rock climbing area near Willcox.

Q: What's the weather like in Willcox? Does it get very hot or cold?

A: Willcox, Arizona has some of the best weather in the state: Unlike Tucson and Phoenix, we don't get as much blistering heat, and unlike Flagstaff, our winters are brief and mild.

Q: When's the best time to visit Willcox?

A: Every month offers something unique to do in Willcox!

  • Visit Willcox, Arizona in the spring and fall: During the spring and fall, almost every day is sunny and clear, so that's when we hold most of our festivals. The weather is perfect for hiking, biking, and running!
  • Visit Willcox, Arizona in the winter: In the winter, tourists flock into Willcox for bird watching: our pluvial lakes attract a huge variety of bird species you rarely see in other places, most famously Sandhill Cranes, many of which migrate from as far away as Siberia! You'll see and hear many kinds of birds you've never encountered before.
  • Visit Willcox, Arizona in the summer: Summer brings the monsoon rains which cause the desert flowers to bloom! Willcox does get hot in the summer, and it's very important to stay hydrated, but it rarely gets as hot as Tucson and Phoenix; many tourists come to Willcox to get away from the heat of those places! On the hottest days, you can escape to any one one of the many mountain ranges surrounding us for much lower temperatures.

Q: Where can I eat when I visit Willcox?

A: Willcox, Arizona is a small town, but since its residents like good food, you're guaranteed to eat well! Go to our dining page to search for restaurants.

Q: Where can I stay when I visit Willcox? Hotels, RV parks, Camping, Bed and Breakfasts, etc.?

A: Willcox has many lodging options! Go to our lodging page to search for lodging options.


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